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September 7, 2013
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Witch Hunt by beiibis Witch Hunt by beiibis
Just a thing from my tumblr I wanted to share.

And just to make things clear - yes, I'm aware that they are both men and women saying those words to other women. Not only men can be opressive, I know that. And I know that this "burning bras" thing never actually happened, but this is what many many people associate feminism with and this is what I am talking about here.

Oh, and I'm superglad if you never heard those words and never been hurt this way, but only because you were lucky and grew up in a friendly society doesn't mean it's always like that. Here, in Poland, for example, we have a huge problem with that. And not only with unkind words and being rude - but with serious violence. Here, have some statistics about Poland:

38% of public prosecutors and 45% of policemen thinks that woman can not stop unwanted sexual contact if she once agreed, and if she did, she can not report it as a crime.
11% of all polish people thinks that this is not rape if the men was victim's husband.
29% of public prosecutors and 39% of policemen thinks that this is not rape if victim was forced to have sexual contact other way then by physical violence.
18% of public prosecutorsans 32% of policemen thinks that this is not rape if  victim was forced to have sexual contacy by physical violence.
That means that for about 20% of public prosecutors and 40% of policemen there is no such thing as rape crime because there's no such kind of behavior they would treat as rape.

Source (polish only):…

Sorry, I had to delete earlier statistics about rape on unconscious women because I couldn't find the source of those statistics and I don't want to mislead anyone.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2014-02-23
Witch Hunt by beiibis ( Suggested by DanielGrzeszkiewicz and Featured by alexandrasalas )
SuperFlameKitty 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
This so called "war" is ridiculous
People ask for respect
Do they get it?
Most of the time, no
It shows that at least 40% of the human population are idiots and close-minded
I don't mind girls dressing up as whores and sluts, I'm totally okay with that! But if they bitch about be looking at their tits almost dropping out and get angry at me, then I'll probably call them whores and sluts... they asked for it!
Well said and drawn. I wish this wasn't true though...
this speaks so much truth
MadMonaLisa Mar 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
This make me sad...
nothing111111 Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
rozumiem że są ludzie i taborety ale to już lekka przesada...
ale zdaję sobie sprawę że tak bywa i jestem wdzięczny ze pokazała to pani ludziom. I taboretom.
I totally get this. When I'm being feminine I'm trying to hard to get guys, but when I'm being masculine I'm STILL trying to hard to get guys. It would be great if people just chose one and stuck to it. Btw Complete supporter of both your art and feminism!
Hate when things like this happen, and they happen a lot, sadly. I even saw how parents treat their children in similar way. And I know how horrible oppression can be.
About wrong definition of feminism: the idea, real intention of the originator, in any cases isn’t shared by everyone equally. That leads to misunderstandings and myths around the idea, thus creating a different distorted view. And that view can be distorted again by others, and so on. It’s like informational genes, it changes and mutates. And everyone thinks that he or she knows the truth, which is not from the view of origin. More than that, there are a lot of people thinking that their “truth” is the only one and real one. So they do whatever they want, even if that hurts others. But they don’t bother with it, because in their opinion they have the right, they are better, they are truly normal humans; instead those, who doesn’t share their vision are nothing. Well, it’s just my opinion and my impression about some events of my life. I can be wrong at all.

Congrats with DD!
I honestly haven't cared much about the feminism disscusions raging around lately, but the fact that even I, a man, know more of what feminism is about that most of those people, kinda scare me...
Not saying I know 100% about it, but I know the basics at least...

As for the deviation, good job on this one. I can see similarities with this and situations I have encountered lately, both at home, with friends, at school, etc... :iconfavplz: from me
XxchantellexX Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is really spot on. Not only do men do this to women, but women do this to other women. In fact women are the worst offenders for telling other women that they are wrong for being a home maker. Women nor en can escape this kind of double standard crap. Of course some of the double standards are different for men. They have to be the one to go out and have the job, they can't be raped and so on.
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